Four Tips for Safely Using Ladders

Learning how to safely use ladders is crucial for workplace safety, and it’s a great way for homeowners to reduce the chance for injuries while handling minor projects around the home. Falling from ladders is a leading cause of downtime on the job, and instructing employees how to work while at heights is a proactive way to protect workers. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when working at heights. Continue reading

Why Use Construction Trash Chutes?

construction trash chuteWorking on a construction project on a multi-story building can lead to some logistical issues when it comes to disposal of debris. It is important in such a situation, for both safety and efficiency reasons, to use a trash chute.

Advantages of using a construction trash chute
Probably the biggest advantage to using a trash chute is efficiency. Being able to send all your debris down an enclosed chute saves you time. For example, without a chute, your workers would either have to throw or lower debris out windows or secure it and then cart it down elevators or stairs. In either case, it would add time to the job, because workers would be stopping throughout the day to transport debris or stopping work early at the end of the day so that they can pick up debris thrown outside and put it in disposal bins. Continue reading

Maintaining Workplace Safety with Construction Trash Chutes

image of construction trash chute

construction trash chute

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for providing and enforcing guidelines for workplace safety. According to OSHA, construction trash chutes offer a safe and convenient way to remove debris and waste materials from rooftops and elevated areas. OSHA regulations require the use of trash chutes when dropping trash from roofs over 20 feet in height. These chutes must be secured to the building to ensure optimal safety for construction workers and others in the working area. The lineup of construction trash chute packages offered by Bird Ladder and Equipment Company is designed to comply with all applicable OSHA standards and provides real help for workers in managing waste disposal tasks in the working environment. Continue reading

How Steel Scaffolding Is Engineered To Improve Safety

At Bird Ladder, we realize steel scaffolding is of the utmost importance for the construction of new buildings. Since construction remains a crucial industry, safe scaffolding plays an indirect but important role in bolstering the economy

Safety engineering for steel scaffolding is a unique field in and of itself. Experts in this field take precautions to ensure that construction workers can use scaffolding without facing undue risk. Fortunately, engineers have developed a number of proven methods for making steel scaffolding safe and secure. OSHA has outlined quite a few rules for reasonably safe scaffolding. However, it is up to scaffold designers to elaborate on these guidelines through personal experience. Although scaffold engineering is a fairly deep and complex subject, the basics of safe scaffolding are relatively simple and easy to understand. Continue reading

Learn How to Safely Use Drywall Tools and Equipment

Drywall CartsAccording to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), there are two major reasons why drywall installers are commonly injured on the job. Falls and overexertion are responsible for nearly 70% of workplace injuries. By learning how to safely use the proper tools and equipment, business owners and their employees can become more productive and reduce downtime. Based on case studies, here are a few things to keep in when planning for workplace safety.
Preventing Falls with a Clean Work Area
Keeping an orderly work area is the proactive way to prevent falls, slips and other accidents. Drywall installers may notice that carrying bulky boards can interfere with their peripheral vision, so it’s a good idea to keep a clear path at all times. Individual drywall sheets can be stacked in a central location. Stored materials, like adhesive and joint compound, can be kept where they can be carted to the final destination as needed. Continue reading

Work Safe, Fast, Smart and Easy

ReechCraft PowerLiftEver get in those difficult to reach situations at work or in the yard? Do you get tired of lugging heavy and awkward stage scaffolding from job to job? The ReechCraft PowerLift system is the ideal solution for these common job-site headaches. It’s easy to setup and move, lightweight and convenient. Ensuring you get the most productivity possible out of your time on the job.

Work Safe
The ReechCraft PowerLift system is fully compliant with the ANSI safety guidelines. A fully enclosed basket with metal guardrails and a harness anchor point means you’ll be safe and sound high in the air. Feeling a sense of security and having a stable platform from which to work will increase productivity and decrease workplace accidents or injuries. If the power goes out, there is a secondary manual crank to lower the lift. Continue reading

For Safety And Flexibility Use A Pump Jack System

Pump Jack System

Basic Pump Jack System

If your next job requires painting or siding for multiple floor structures, then it is time for you and your workers to consider an alternative option to the traditional scaffolding system. Using a traditional scaffold is great for long-term jobs, but the staged scaffold system makes it difficult to adjust the height of the platform and work bench. For ease of set-up and for making variable height adjustments, a pump jack system is an easy and inexpensive solution to get your next job done in a timely and safe manner. Continue reading

Warehouse Rolling Ladders Improve Safety

image of Rolling LadderWorking in a warehouse requires using potentially dangerous equipment, like forklifts, that can lift pallets of stock and other items high up on storage racks. Although the pallets of goods can be easily stored on industrial racks designed to hold thousands of pounds, workers still will need to climb up to rearrange stock, move fallen items, clean and perform other tasks. Using a good warehouse rolling ladder is one of the safest and most useful ways for workers to safely step up to higher areas and carry items up or down with a sturdy platform beneath their feet. Rolling ladders use a unique design that uses a metal base rolling on four wheels that supports the actual ladder structure on heavy duty springs that rise up and allow the ladder to roll when no one stands on it. Continue reading

Prevent Injuries and Increase Occupational Safety with Ladder Stabilizers

image of Ladder StabilizerIf you are a builder, contractor, handyman, construction foreman or work in an industrial environment like a warehouse, you and your staff members likely use various ladders and lifts on a daily basis. Therefore employee safety is likely a high priority for you. When it comes to using ladders on the job, there are several simple steps you can take to ensure you and your workers are always safe while ascending, descending and working on industrial ladders.

One easy and inexpensive method to improve workplace ladder safety is to affix a ladder stabilizer to a nearby vertical surface to ensure your ladder does not sway, tilt to the side or accidentally tip over when in use. Although many quality stabilizer devices can be purchased for under $60, these injury prevention tools can actually save your business thousands of dollars annually by: Continue reading

Safety Considerations for Construction Trash Chutes

image of construction trash chuteOne of the many constant issues faced on multi-level construction sites is the removal of trash and debris from the site in a safe manner. The use of elevators to deliver debris to dump sites below is time-consuming while having workers walk up and down stairs can prove hazardous. The use of a construction trash chute mitigates many of these issues by allowing workers to quickly and safely dispose of trash and debris.

When installing and using trash chutes, it is important to keep in mind the efficiency and safety of each worker. The following tips will not only enhance the safety of your workers, but also that of the construction site itself: Continue reading