For Safety And Flexibility Use A Pump Jack System

Pump Jack System

Basic Pump Jack System

If your next job requires painting or siding for multiple floor structures, then it is time for you and your workers to consider an alternative option to the traditional scaffolding system. Using a traditional scaffold is great for long-term jobs, but the staged scaffold system makes it difficult to adjust the height of the platform and work bench. For ease of set-up and for making variable height adjustments, a pump jack system is an easy and inexpensive solution to get your next job done in a timely and safe manner.

Setting Up a Pump Jack System is Easy and Inexpensive

All you need to set up a simple pump jack system are two 4 X 4 poles, plank, brace, screws, ladder, safety lock, pole joint, fall screen, and jack. Workers should be aware of ground conditions, the weather at the work site, and ensure the distance between the platform and the building does not exceed fourteen inches. Once the pump jack system is set up, adjusting the height of the scaffold is easy. Working on an even horizontal plane is important. Two workers adjust the height using the jack at both ends of the platform to lift the scaffold to the desired height, preferably no less than five feet from the ground, and not more than twenty-four feet in height.

Using and Implementing a Pump Jack System with Safety in Mind

When using a pump jack scaffolding system, no more than two people should stand on the cross-plank. No one should stand on the work bench, and the load should not exceed 500 lbs. According to OSHA standards, the brackets, braces, and accessories for pump jack brackets must be made from metal, so using an aluminum pump jack is ideal. For increased working safety on a scaffold, wear fall-arresting gear, or install safety nets. The open sides of the platform should be secured with guardrails, and the poles should be properly braced. It is also important to provide safe access to your scaffold, which can be done by securing a ladder jack to the platform so workers can easily access the scaffold without too much trouble.

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