For Safety And Flexibility Use A Pump Jack System

Pump Jack System

Basic Pump Jack System

If your next job requires painting or siding for multiple floor structures, then it is time for you and your workers to consider an alternative option to the traditional scaffolding system. Using a traditional scaffold is great for long-term jobs, but the staged scaffold system makes it difficult to adjust the height of the platform and work bench. For ease of set-up and for making variable height adjustments, a pump jack system is an easy and inexpensive solution to get your next job done in a timely and safe manner. Continue reading

Bird Ladder Open House May 15th

Bird Ladder will be having their annual open house May 15th. Every year we have customer appreciation day which includes a truck load sale on everything. Werner ladders, pump jacks, planks, Granite scaffolding, MBW compactors, trowels and mixers, Werner fall protection, Acro roofing equipment, Tie down shingle hoists, Van Mark brakes, Knaack job boxes, Weatherguard truck and van equipment, Reechcraft PowerPole, PowerLift and PowerMast to name a few.

We will also have factory reps demonstrating their products. We will be introducing new products at the show.  The NEW Knaack 118 data vault will be on display with demonstrations. We will also have the new Reechcraft Powermast set up. They also have a new free standing base that will be shown. We will also have new MBW plate compactors on display.

Free safety classes will also be returning this year. We will offer ladder safety courses, fall protection courses and also a presentation by Acro products on use of their roof edge protection. Cards will be issued for the ladder and fall protection training. We are also attempting to have a representative from OSHA here to answer questions.

We also serve lunch from 12:00 till the food runs out. So bring your shopping list, save money, get trained, and have lunch.

Using an Aluminum Pump Jack to Increase Safety in the Workplace

Making sure that you have the right type of equipment to complete the job is an essential step in any type of workplace repair or household do-it-yourself task. This remains true, whether you are attempting to put down a new layer of paint, clean the exterior of your home, replace your carpets, or perform masonry jobs. Using tools can help ensure that your improvement project is completed in a timely and safe manner.

One of the most essential tools in completing your repair job is the aluminum pump jack. This type of tool works in a manner very similar to a car jack. You are able to use a manual lever, a toothed rod, and a ratchet mechanism. In order to use the device, you will be required to move the lever up the rod, and it will lock after each tooth. Each tool that is used on a scaffold must be advanced at the same rate. After you reach the height that you require, you will double lock the braces. This in turn will provide the type of grip that will prevent the ratchet from sliding and will help lessen the chances of your falling. Continue reading

How To Work Safely At Heights

Having the proper tools is essential to completing jobs on a timely and efficient basis. By understanding the different options that are available, construction company owners and managers can be sure that their employees in the field are fully equipped for the largest or smallest project. Building and renovation jobs often require that employees need to complete their work at heights, and this can present a serious hazard. Today’s construction equipment is designed to address a wide range of issues. Products are often required to be installed in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) rules and regulations. Continue reading

Construction Pump Jack Braces

Construction Pump Jack Braces

Support Brace

There are two types of braces for aluminum pump jack scaffolding: The rigid brace and the folding brace. In the rigid brace, the piece resting against the roof does not swivel, allowing it to provide unmoving support. In the folding brace, there are two separate supports, each of which can swivel. This allows it to provide support against two planes with differing angles. There are advantages to both, and generally we recommend that you own both styles. Each scaffold will usually need both types, as described below. Continue reading

Aluminum Pump Jacks Offer Benefits of Efficiency

pump-jackUsing aluminum pump jack scaffolding is one of the most efficient ways to do any type of work on a house. Jobs where scaffolding is essential include painting, carpentry, masonry and exterior cleaning.

Be sure to adhere to all OSHA rules for erecting pump jack scaffolding, using equipment with two positive gripping mechanisms for a secure grip. Do not try to improvise scaffold platforms. Workbenches and other items not intended for the purpose should not be used.
Continue reading

OSHA Ladder Safety Training

OSHA ladder safety training is an important aspect of your training program.  Bird Ladder has many options for you in this area.  We do on site training at a cost of $10.00/ per employee plus traveling expense.  Our next option is to purchase the Werner  Climbing Pro Safety Kit at $ 20.00.  It is a kit which your safety director  can use (in both English and Spanish)  is his training program.  A third option is to use the on line program from Werner.  We also have available a program for pump jacks.