Why Use Construction Trash Chutes?

construction trash chuteWorking on a construction project on a multi-story building can lead to some logistical issues when it comes to disposal of debris. It is important in such a situation, for both safety and efficiency reasons, to use a trash chute.

Advantages of using a construction trash chute
Probably the biggest advantage to using a trash chute is efficiency. Being able to send all your debris down an enclosed chute saves you time. For example, without a chute, your workers would either have to throw or lower debris out windows or secure it and then cart it down elevators or stairs. In either case, it would add time to the job, because workers would be stopping throughout the day to transport debris or stopping work early at the end of the day so that they can pick up debris thrown outside and put it in disposal bins. Continue reading

Maintaining Workplace Safety with Construction Trash Chutes

image of construction trash chute

construction trash chute

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for providing and enforcing guidelines for workplace safety. According to OSHA, construction trash chutes offer a safe and convenient way to remove debris and waste materials from rooftops and elevated areas. OSHA regulations require the use of trash chutes when dropping trash from roofs over 20 feet in height. These chutes must be secured to the building to ensure optimal safety for construction workers and others in the working area. The lineup of construction trash chute packages offered by Bird Ladder and Equipment Company is designed to comply with all applicable OSHA standards and provides real help for workers in managing waste disposal tasks in the working environment. Continue reading

Safety Considerations for Construction Trash Chutes

image of construction trash chuteOne of the many constant issues faced on multi-level construction sites is the removal of trash and debris from the site in a safe manner. The use of elevators to deliver debris to dump sites below is time-consuming while having workers walk up and down stairs can prove hazardous. The use of a construction trash chute mitigates many of these issues by allowing workers to quickly and safely dispose of trash and debris.

When installing and using trash chutes, it is important to keep in mind the efficiency and safety of each worker. The following tips will not only enhance the safety of your workers, but also that of the construction site itself: Continue reading

Bird Ladder Open House May 15th

Bird Ladder will be having their annual open house May 15th. Every year we have customer appreciation day which includes a truck load sale on everything. Werner ladders, pump jacks, planks, Granite scaffolding, MBW compactors, trowels and mixers, Werner fall protection, Acro roofing equipment, Tie down shingle hoists, Van Mark brakes, Knaack job boxes, Weatherguard truck and van equipment, Reechcraft PowerPole, PowerLift and PowerMast to name a few.

We will also have factory reps demonstrating their products. We will be introducing new products at the show.  The NEW Knaack 118 data vault will be on display with demonstrations. We will also have the new Reechcraft Powermast set up. They also have a new free standing base that will be shown. We will also have new MBW plate compactors on display.

Free safety classes will also be returning this year. We will offer ladder safety courses, fall protection courses and also a presentation by Acro products on use of their roof edge protection. Cards will be issued for the ladder and fall protection training. We are also attempting to have a representative from OSHA here to answer questions.

We also serve lunch from 12:00 till the food runs out. So bring your shopping list, save money, get trained, and have lunch.

Using a Construction Trash Chute is Safer and Saves Time

A risky part of the construction industry is the demolition of the old that makes way for the new. There are multiple hazards in renovating old buildings that are not as inherent for new construction. Both have their hazards, but tearing out old materials in partial and full remodeling jobs has hazards in the debris produced during the demolition phase.

Construction Site Cleanup

For a safe workplace, it is a good idea to assign personnel to continually gather and remove debris from active work areas. As demolition debris collects, the hazards of workers tripping, falling and being cut by sharp debris increases. Any floor above the first floor involves using stairs or service elevators for debris removal unless a construction trash chute is installed. Continue reading

Solving A Top Floor Renovation Headache

We’ve all been there, renovating an upper level floor, and being faced with the dilemma. Do we have a guy walk all the construction trash down four flights of stairs to the dumpster we rented, or toss it out the window? Well if one of my guys goes up and down stairs all day long, we lose a worker up here! On the other hand, if you are like a lot of contractors, you only have one or two guys on the job to begin with, that’s lost time for doing the job. Tossing stuff out the window could hit someone walking on the street below. Then all of your profit on this job goes into a lawsuit. Continue reading

How To Work Safely At Heights

Having the proper tools is essential to completing jobs on a timely and efficient basis. By understanding the different options that are available, construction company owners and managers can be sure that their employees in the field are fully equipped for the largest or smallest project. Building and renovation jobs often require that employees need to complete their work at heights, and this can present a serious hazard. Today’s construction equipment is designed to address a wide range of issues. Products are often required to be installed in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) rules and regulations. Continue reading

Safely Handle Construction Debris

A necessary component of a construction project is the safe disposal of debris. Different building methods and job requirements will generate varying amounts of waste that will require proper handling. One of the most important aspects of that process is ensuring trash and recyclable materials are collected safely. Continue reading

Infrastructure: America Needs An Update

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, America’s infrastructure is in need of some serious help. The overall GPA assigned to America’s roads was a dismal D+. The low grades are attributed to America’s crumbling infrastructure and aging roads.

In the 2013 Infrastructure Report Card released by the American Society of Civil Engineers, America’s roads, dams, bridges and drinking water all received low marks. A committee of approximately 30 reputable civil engineers was assembled for the number crunching, scoring project. The average bridge in the U.S. is at least 42-years-old. Engineers consider aging bridges structurally deficient and at risk for collapse. Although the 2013 GPA showed minor improvement from the 2009 D grade, the report shows that there is still a lot of room for improvement. Continue reading