Why Use Construction Trash Chutes?

construction trash chuteWorking on a construction project on a multi-story building can lead to some logistical issues when it comes to disposal of debris. It is important in such a situation, for both safety and efficiency reasons, to use a trash chute.

Advantages of using a construction trash chute
Probably the biggest advantage to using a trash chute is efficiency. Being able to send all your debris down an enclosed chute saves you time. For example, without a chute, your workers would either have to throw or lower debris out windows or secure it and then cart it down elevators or stairs. In either case, it would add time to the job, because workers would be stopping throughout the day to transport debris or stopping work early at the end of the day so that they can pick up debris thrown outside and put it in disposal bins.

A second main advantage of using a trash chute is safety. Throwing debris out windows can lead to some of it missing the disposal bin, which means it could hit someone on the ground. In addition, debris that winds up on the ground can present a safety hazard for workers who could trip over it or cut themselves on jagged edges. Likewise, if workers have to cart debris out from the inside of the building, there are numerous they could hurt themselves, from falling to hurting their backs while lifting. Using a chute can save you money on workers comp insurance claims and potential fines from local building or health departments.

Another advantage to using a debris trash chute is that it makes the work site more efficient. For one thing, workers aren’t taking time out of their day to pick up debris. Also, if you have a trash chute, you will never need a crane or hoist to lower heavy debris from upper floors, which means no long periods of downtime for these machines as they are moved and put on trash duty.

Safe use of construction trash chutes

Chutes for construction debris are easy to assemble and disassemble and are reusable on job after job. The important thing is to install and operate them safely. In addition, most trash chutes are adjustable, meaning you can buy individual parts to expand your 20-foot trash chute to a 50-foot one if you need it for a bigger job. A company such as Bird Ladder & Equipment Co. can sell you an entire chute package, including chutes, a support frame, hopper support legs and lifting bar and chains.

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