Safety Considerations for Construction Trash Chutes

image of construction trash chuteOne of the many constant issues faced on multi-level construction sites is the removal of trash and debris from the site in a safe manner. The use of elevators to deliver debris to dump sites below is time-consuming while having workers walk up and down stairs can prove hazardous. The use of a construction trash chute mitigates many of these issues by allowing workers to quickly and safely dispose of trash and debris.

When installing and using trash chutes, it is important to keep in mind the efficiency and safety of each worker. The following tips will not only enhance the safety of your workers, but also that of the construction site itself:

* Make sure all trash chute sections fit tightly against one another. It will help prevent dust and debris from escaping as disposed materials are sent down the chute. It also helps reduce the amount of movement caused by wind gusts as well as trash and debris loaded into the chute.
* Chute hoppers should feature door flaps as both a convenience and safety measure. Door flaps allow workers to dispose of material safely without the debris falling into other floors on the way down.
* To prevent workers from injuring themselves or even falling into the chute, OSHA standards require a 42-inch height rail guard in place. These cards are especially necessary when using larger chutes, as these tubes are large enough for an adult to slip and fall into as they dump debris.
* Larger chutes should be adequately supported by a secondary frame, as the chutes can have a total weight exceeding 1,000 pounds depending on their length and the materials used in their construction.
* When locating a chute to a higher level of the construction site, the use of a wench or a lifting bar can help employees reduce and even prevent back and arm strain.

The effectiveness of a construction trash chute always depends on how safely one can be used on the job. Like any type of time-saving equipment, these chutes require special considerations in order to keep all employees safe when working around them.

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