Using a Construction Trash Chute is Safer and Saves Time

A risky part of the construction industry is the demolition of the old that makes way for the new. There are multiple hazards in renovating old buildings that are not as inherent for new construction. Both have their hazards, but tearing out old materials in partial and full remodeling jobs has hazards in the debris produced during the demolition phase.

Construction Site Cleanup

For a safe workplace, it is a good idea to assign personnel to continually gather and remove debris from active work areas. As demolition debris collects, the hazards of workers tripping, falling and being cut by sharp debris increases. Any floor above the first floor involves using stairs or service elevators for debris removal unless a construction trash chute is installed.

The standard tools of cleanup at a construction site are still used. Wheelbarrows, shovels, brooms and buckets help in collecting the debris. The savings in time and labor come from not needing to descend and climb stairs or wait on an elevator to take loads of debris to ground level where the construction trash dumpster is located. Also, using a construction trash chute eliminates the need to hoist materials up and into a dumpster. Items are directed straight into dumpsters at the terminating end of the chute.

Trash Chute Benefits

Worker fatigue of carrying bags, boxes and buckets of debris to the dumpster outside is eliminated. The potential of falling while carrying heavy debris down flights of stairs is eliminated. No workers need to lift heavy items over their heads to deposit them into dumpsters at ground level. After a short period of time is spent installing the chute at a window, debris removal is unimpeded. The chute can be easily extended to cover all floors under construction.

Trash Chute Capabilities

Quality trash chute packages sold by the Bird Ladder and Equipment Company can handle solid or liquid waste. Outriggers can easily be installed at a vertical bank of windows to serve all floors under construction above one dumpster. Outriggers can be connected to windows as small as 36 inches. A lifting winch makes easy and quick installation of the largest and heaviest trash chutes. Intake hoppers that receive debris are made of 12 gauge steel for long lasting durability.

Trash chute installation at a construction site makes removal of demolition debris and construction waste easy and safe. Just shovel, toss or empty debris and waste into the intake hoppers, and the materials slide down the chute right into the dumpster at ground level. No bagging, boxing or toting items down stairs or elevators is needed. They increase productivity by allowing less time needed to be involved in cleanup of construction sites. The short period of time needed to install a chute saves countless hours that would otherwise be used in getting demolition debris and construction waste to ground level.

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