Solving A Top Floor Renovation Headache

We’ve all been there, renovating an upper level floor, and being faced with the dilemma. Do we have a guy walk all the construction trash down four flights of stairs to the dumpster we rented, or toss it out the window? Well if one of my guys goes up and down stairs all day long, we lose a worker up here! On the other hand, if you are like a lot of contractors, you only have one or two guys on the job to begin with, that’s lost time for doing the job. Tossing stuff out the window could hit someone walking on the street below. Then all of your profit on this job goes into a lawsuit.

Here is an option to consider for your next project: a construction trash chute kit. A trash chute will guide your trash from an upper floor safely into your dumpster below. Problem solved!

Look for a size to fit your task. There is a size to accommodate any job you may have. The construction trash chute kit should come complete with a hopper, window outrigger kit, and lifting hardware. A lifting winch is very handy to have, make sure it is included when you order your kit. If you have an application where you need access to the trash chute on multiple floors, look for a trash chute kit with intermediate hoppers, with internal door flaps to prevent material and debris from entering other floors.

It is important that your trash chute is manufactured with good solid materials so that it will last a good long time. Different hopper configurations should be available, so ask your sales rep to help you get what you want. Look for a chute that has great cold weather impact strength, and can handle both liquids and solid material. A good trash chute will be roomy enough to allow plenty of room for most construction trash and debris.

If I had my choice between carrying trash down multiple flights of stairs, or tossing it down a convenient construction trash chute, I would definitely toss it in the chute. Sometimes it isn’t about working harder, it’s about working smarter. This is especially true during wintertime, when the weather gets nasty, and the job still needs to get done.

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