Construction Pump Jack Braces

Construction Pump Jack Braces

Support Brace

There are two types of braces for aluminum pump jack scaffolding: The rigid brace and the folding brace. In the rigid brace, the piece resting against the roof does not swivel, allowing it to provide unmoving support. In the folding brace, there are two separate supports, each of which can swivel. This allows it to provide support against two planes with differing angles. There are advantages to both, and generally we recommend that you own both styles. Each scaffold will usually need both types, as described below.

Because it is not adjustable, the rigid brace can only be used where the roof angle is constant, but its main advantage is that the distance from the wall is fixed when you set it up. It is a triangle that attaches to the wall, and the pole just has to be plumb. The brace is straight because it is resting against the building, and since the pole is at a right angle to that, it is automatically squared perfectly. The large plate on the triangle should make it easy to hit a stud, and attaching the brace is straightforward.

The folding brace is designed to be attached in two different spots, perhaps on the corner of the house or where you don’t have a large, flat surface. This folding capability is the brace’s advantage, but it is where a problem could occur. Since the position of the supports are not set, they must be carefully adjusted. Keep in mind that the triangle is now movable, so it is possible that the pole could be closer or farther from the building than it should be, depending on how far the brace is opened up. Therefore, we recommend that the first brace be a rigid brace to establish the distance from the building, and the other braces can be whatever is necessary for the angles of the house.

Only one wall tie is required for Werner’s aluminum pump jack scaffolding used at heights no greater than 24 feet.

Components are field-replaceable, and Werner pump jacks are compatible with the leading competitor’s pump jack system.

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