Surviving an OSHA inspection.

Here is a link to an article that is very informative on how to deal with and survive an OSHA inspection.  It covers the four steps of an inspection.  The opening conference, the inspection, the closing conference and the citations.  It also states the importance of having a designated employee at the job site. They state that the odds of an OHSA inspection is less that 1% is is important to have a plan.

Fall Protection Video

This fall protection video outlines the steps to develop safe practices when working from heights including a fall protection plan and proper protection equipment.

On April 10, at 11 a.m. EST, OSHA’s Director of Construction Jim Maddux, and NIOSH’s Director of Construction Safety and Health, Dr. Christine Branche, will co-moderate a webinar to discuss ways of stopping the leading killer of construction workers – falls from heights. To register for the free webinar and to learn more about efforts by OSHA, NIOSH and CPWR to protect construction workers from fatal falls, visit the registration