Learn How to Safely Use Drywall Tools and Equipment

Drywall CartsAccording to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), there are two major reasons why drywall installers are commonly injured on the job. Falls and overexertion are responsible for nearly 70% of workplace injuries. By learning how to safely use the proper tools and equipment, business owners and their employees can become more productive and reduce downtime. Based on case studies, here are a few things to keep in when planning for workplace safety.
Preventing Falls with a Clean Work Area
Keeping an orderly work area is the proactive way to prevent falls, slips and other accidents. Drywall installers may notice that carrying bulky boards can interfere with their peripheral vision, so it’s a good idea to keep a clear path at all times. Individual drywall sheets can be stacked in a central location. Stored materials, like adhesive and joint compound, can be kept where they can be carted to the final destination as needed. Continue reading

New Knaack Storage Chests 79-D and 89-D

Knaack is now offering two new piano box chests.  Always looking to improve their products for the contractor these two new boxes offer features unique to the industry.  They offer pull out drawers that lock independently for extra secure storage.  A bi-fold door is standard on interior shelf  that can be Independently secured and view tools and accessories. Work surface available when Tool Kage is open.

The KnaackKnaack 79-D 79-D STORAGEMASTER® Piano Box measures 48 in wide, 49 in tall and has a capacity of 36.2 cu ft. Ideal for every trade, it is caster-ready and includes full-width shelves for organization of tools and supplies. It also features a bi-fold cover which folds completely out of the way for unrestricted access and fits perfectly in the width of a full-size truck bed.

The Knaack 89-D STORAGEMASTER Piano Box with Junk Trunk™ Independent Locking Drawer measures 60 in wide, 78 in tall and has a capacity of 43.8 cu ft. Ideal for mechanical trades, it is caster-ready and includes full-Knaack 89-Dwidth shelves for organization of tools and supplies. It also features a bi-fold cover which folds completely out of the way for unrestricted access. JunkTrunk™ Quick Access Drawer locks independently for quick access to high demand tools and accessories.


These boxes in addition to the 4830-D make Knaack the leading innovator in jobsite storage equipment.   “Our goal is to bring innovation and functionality enhancements to our jobsite storage products,” said Mike Bykowski, Senior Product Manager at KNAACK®. “We added real-world functionality to these typical piano boxes so that our professional contractors can access, organize and ensure their valuable tools are protected and secure during and after jobsite hours.”

Work Safe, Fast, Smart and Easy

ReechCraft PowerLiftEver get in those difficult to reach situations at work or in the yard? Do you get tired of lugging heavy and awkward stage scaffolding from job to job? The ReechCraft PowerLift system is the ideal solution for these common job-site headaches. It’s easy to setup and move, lightweight and convenient. Ensuring you get the most productivity possible out of your time on the job.

Work Safe
The ReechCraft PowerLift system is fully compliant with the ANSI safety guidelines. A fully enclosed basket with metal guardrails and a harness anchor point means you’ll be safe and sound high in the air. Feeling a sense of security and having a stable platform from which to work will increase productivity and decrease workplace accidents or injuries. If the power goes out, there is a secondary manual crank to lower the lift. Continue reading

For Safety And Flexibility Use A Pump Jack System

Pump Jack System

Basic Pump Jack System

If your next job requires painting or siding for multiple floor structures, then it is time for you and your workers to consider an alternative option to the traditional scaffolding system. Using a traditional scaffold is great for long-term jobs, but the staged scaffold system makes it difficult to adjust the height of the platform and work bench. For ease of set-up and for making variable height adjustments, a pump jack system is an easy and inexpensive solution to get your next job done in a timely and safe manner. Continue reading

Warehouse Rolling Ladders Improve Safety

image of Rolling LadderWorking in a warehouse requires using potentially dangerous equipment, like forklifts, that can lift pallets of stock and other items high up on storage racks. Although the pallets of goods can be easily stored on industrial racks designed to hold thousands of pounds, workers still will need to climb up to rearrange stock, move fallen items, clean and perform other tasks. Using a good warehouse rolling ladder is one of the safest and most useful ways for workers to safely step up to higher areas and carry items up or down with a sturdy platform beneath their feet. Rolling ladders use a unique design that uses a metal base rolling on four wheels that supports the actual ladder structure on heavy duty springs that rise up and allow the ladder to roll when no one stands on it. Continue reading

Prevent Injuries and Increase Occupational Safety with Ladder Stabilizers

image of Ladder StabilizerIf you are a builder, contractor, handyman, construction foreman or work in an industrial environment like a warehouse, you and your staff members likely use various ladders and lifts on a daily basis. Therefore employee safety is likely a high priority for you. When it comes to using ladders on the job, there are several simple steps you can take to ensure you and your workers are always safe while ascending, descending and working on industrial ladders.

One easy and inexpensive method to improve workplace ladder safety is to affix a ladder stabilizer to a nearby vertical surface to ensure your ladder does not sway, tilt to the side or accidentally tip over when in use. Although many quality stabilizer devices can be purchased for under $60, these injury prevention tools can actually save your business thousands of dollars annually by: Continue reading

Self Closing Safety Gate

image of self closing gate system
The best way to stop a fall is to eliminate the hazard. By using a self closing safety gate many falls can be prevented. Applications for a safety gate would be: ladderway openings, stairwell openings, equipment access ladders, scaffolding, mezzanines, and working platforms to name a few. Safety gates can be ordered painted safety yellow, hot-dipped galvanized, stainless steel, or aluminum. They are shipped fully assembled, meet OSHA standards, self closing, and are easy to install. They feature dual stainless steel springs, adjustable lengths, and reversible swing direction by simply inverting gate. Such a simple solution to eliminate a fall.

OSHA Job Site Safety

This summer OSHA is promoting two new job site safety programs. The first is OSHA’s National Stand Down.  The week of June 2nd thru 6th will be their week to raise awareness of preventing fall hazards in construction. In 2012, 269 construction worker fatalities out of a total 775 were caused by falls. Many of those deaths were preventable by proper job planning and instruction. Fall prevention safety standards were among the top 10 most frequently cited OSHA standards, during fiscal year 2012. Here is a link to planning a step down program for your organization.

In conjunction with this program they are concurrently promoting OSHA’s Plan, Provide, Train program. Using OSHA’s three simple step program, many job related falls can be prevented. OSHA’s website is part of a nationwide outreach campaign to raise awareness among workers and employers about the hazards of falls from ladders, scaffolds and roofs. Plan ahead to get the job done safely. Provide the right equipment equipment. Train everyone to use the safety equipment safely. Three simple steps that save lives.

Safety Considerations for Construction Trash Chutes

image of construction trash chuteOne of the many constant issues faced on multi-level construction sites is the removal of trash and debris from the site in a safe manner. The use of elevators to deliver debris to dump sites below is time-consuming while having workers walk up and down stairs can prove hazardous. The use of a construction trash chute mitigates many of these issues by allowing workers to quickly and safely dispose of trash and debris.

When installing and using trash chutes, it is important to keep in mind the efficiency and safety of each worker. The following tips will not only enhance the safety of your workers, but also that of the construction site itself: Continue reading

Van Locks Can Help Save Tools, Valuable Operating Equipment, and Your Business

image of Slick Lock Van Security Locks

Slick Lock Van Security Locks

If you’re the owner of a fleet, a handful, or even just one service vehicle, you’re being targeted. News reports reveal every day that the number of service vehicles that are broken into by thieves is increasing, and it’s costing business owners time, money, and, in some cases, even their businesses.

Last summer, for example, police in the Long Beach, CA area arrested eleven suspects and were searching for four more that were part of an elaborate ring of thieves that targeted work vans. The criminal organization was allegedly responsible for stealing work vans from a variety of service professions including plumbers, painters, landscapers, and construction workers. They stole thousands of dollars of tools and professional equipment, but they didn’t stop there. This gang of thieves was also selling the stolen vans, and in some cases, selling them to chop shops for scrap metal. Police were able to recover 25 of the stolen work vehicles, but many more were missing. Continue reading