Choosing Sturdy Step Ladders For Safer Workplaces

300 lb. rated Werner Aluminum Step Ladder

Werner Aluminum Step Ladder

Aluminum step ladders are vital tools in many different workplaces. Every day, millions rely on step ladders for routine tasks. The right ladder can make all the difference when it comes to workplace safety. Investing in quality equipment can ultimately save organizations quite a bit of money in the long run. Accidents are costly and can lower productivity and profit margins. In addition, quality equipment is important for maintaining a loyal, productive employee base.

Step ladders are among the most versatile ladders in wide usage. Though single-sided step ladders are smaller, these ladders are incredibly handy in a variety of situations. One never knows exactly who will end up using a step ladder. To account for any possibility, consider investing in units with generous maximum weight ratings. For surefire safety assurance, never purchase a ladder with less than a 300 pound maximum weight rating.

It is often advisable to keep one or more extra step ladders on hand. These backups can ensure good productivity during times of intense workplace activity. Though it requires thoroughness, finding sturdy step ladders is a fairly simple process. Firstly, people need ladders that are guaranteed by reputable dealers and manufacturers. After that standard is met, economy and comfort are the next most important priorities. If possible, have ladders tested by the workers who will ultimately use them. Examining and testing units prior to purchase can solve problems before they happen.

As one might expect, it is preferable to pick ladders that do not tilt or flex. Some ladders gradually shift around during use, a phenomenon called “walking.” Undoubtedly, higher quality ladders are less prone to walking. Aluminum is a good, solid material for step ladders. Not only is a aluminum step ladder economical; they have the material strength to stay strong after years of heavy use.

Of course, purchasing the right type of step ladder only sets the stage for further action. The American Ladder Institute documents that most ladder injuries are caused by equipment misuse. Proper training and supervision is critical for avoiding accidents. Reading all manufacturer directions and labels is essential.

Although government regulators do ensure ladder quality to an extent, it is clear that quality varies considerably from model to model. Though most people take ladder injury risks in stride, it never hurts to limit one’s exposure. Every year, countless thousands suffer avoidable ladder-related injuries. Buying and using the very best equipment is a matter of professional pride and integrity.

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