Motorized Scaffold Power Snappy Work Platform 108" Tall

Motorized Scaffold  Power Snappy Work Platform 108

••Power Snappy Scaffold Features:••

•Joystick steering has adjustable speed control. In addition, soft start/stop are provided for safer operations.
This unique joystick also includes built in error lights for quick and easy trouble shooting.

Patented safety features and security and safety to the deck platform.
Platform heights are adjustable from 24" - 60" (approx 12' working height).

G-Pin and a snap pin secure the arm braces on the power snappy.

•Complete guard rails are provided and open at both ends for easy boarding access.

•Industry standard Anderson Power Products connectors are used o the Power Snappy.
These Connectors allow easy connection and disconnection.
Features an enclosed power case that houses two 12 volt sealed AGM 32 amp hour batteries.

•Two 24v hub motors with integrated brake system propel the Power Snappy.
Each motor is rated for 6000 hrs of use.

•Power Snappy is wired with an onboard charger that is accessed with a built in electrical inlet.
A lockout switch (2 keys included) provides added security on the job site.

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ModelItemWalkborad Height Adjusts FromOverall Size Price Order
Granite Power Snappy Scaffolding Model L Power Snappy 72" to 108" 57" x 60" w/ Outriggers 31" x 60" Platform $4,495.00

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