Werner 21-28

Werner 21-28

(4) Outer Foot
(2) Left Hand & (2) Right Hand
(4) Inner Foot for Models: MT-13 MT-17 MT-17B MT-22 SMT-15MX-C
(4) Inner Foot for Models: MT-26
(1) Hex Head Wrench
(4) Lock Nuts
(1) Allen Key
(4) Washers
(4) Screws

Fits on MT Telescoping Multi Ladders (all Mk Numbers)
MT-13, MT-17, MT-22, MT-26
Complete foot assembly with all hardware and tools.
Replaces all feet on inner sections and outer sections.

Description: Replacement Foot / Shoe Kit - Fits MT Series Multi Ladders

Price: $39.00

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