Reechcraft PowerLift ML60

reechcraft powerlift ml60

reechcraft powerlift ml60

ReechCraft, Inc. is excited to introduce the newest product to their line of innovative access solutions. The 25 foot PowerLift® will give operators the ability to take their jobs to new heights.

The 20 foot working height on the Reechcraft PowerLift ML60 is known for being lightweight as well as easy to operate, transport and store, and the 25 foot lift is no different. Due to its compact size and maneuverability, the product is designed to go where other lift products can’t, like down stairs or in tight spaces. The added height makes it a perfect solution for those jobs that are just out of the 20 foot platform’s reach.

PowerLift is a great option for facility managers, maintenance professionals, contractors, builders and homeowners and has a wide variety of applications. The unique lift is built for one operator, and the only tool needed to operate the lift is a simple cordless or corded drill.

Battery Powered Scaffold

Granite Industries has developed a new product that is designed to help eliminate OSHA citations when using narrow rolling scaffold.   When working on narrow scaffold the wheels must be locked.  When employees are doing repetitive work, which require constant moving of the scaffold from one location to another,  employees tend to forget to lock the casters.  In some cases they move the scaffold while on it. Trades that do this can be painters, electricians, and ceiling installers.  Granite has developed a motorized narrow scaffold that will eliminate the issue of not locking the casters and also increase production by eliminating the need to get down off the scaffold to move it.  The product is called Power Snappy.  It is available in three sizes.  It is battery powered by two 12 volt sealed batteries, has a built in battery charger, all controlled by a joy stick while standing on the work platform.  It can transported easily, both to and around the job site and will fit on a standard elevator.