OSHA Seeks Partners for June 2-6 National Stand-Down on Construction Falls

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OSHA will conduct a national safety stand-down June 2-6 to raise awareness among construction employers and their workers about the hazards of falls, the leading cause of fatal incidents for the industry.

OSHA is seeking partners for the stand-down, and it has stocked a national safety stand-down website with information about how to conduct a successful stand-down. After it takes place, employers will be able to provide feedback and receive a personalized certificate of participation.

An OH&S webinar on April 3 is another way to get information about preventing construction falls. Three experts from OSHA (Jim Maddux, Directorate of Construction director); NIOSH (Dr. Christine Branche, Office of Construction Safety and Health director); and CPWR—The Center for Construction Research and Training (Pete Stafford, executive director) will discuss OSHA’s ongoing Fall Prevention Campaign and the latest information about the causes of falls in the U.S. construction industry.

“Falls account for more than a third of all deaths in this industry,” said Dr. David Michaels, the OSHA assistant secretary. “We’re working with employers, workers, industry groups, state OSH plans, and civic and faith-based organizations to host safety stand-downs that focus on recognizing hazards and preventing falls. We are getting the message out to America’s employers that safety pays and falls cost.”


The stand-down is part of OSHA’s ongoing Fall Prevention Campaign, which was started in 2012 and was developed in partnership with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and NIOSH’s National Occupational Research Agenda program.

“We are pleased to join again with OSHA and our NORA partners to focus on fall prevention at construction sites,” said NIOSH Director Dr. John Howard. “Preventing falls in the construction industry benefits everyone, from the worker, to the employer, to the community at large. This safety stand-down serves as an important opportunity for everyone to take the time to learn how to recognize and prevent fall hazards.”

Ladder Mitts: A Simple Solution for Some Common Problems

image of ladder mitts

Ladder mitts keep your ladder from slipping and prevent damage to support surfaces

Climbing a ladder propped against the side of a customer’s home or building is bad enough. Angry birds, irate yellowjackets and strong breezes are only a few of the normal hazards you face.

A screeching building owner is something you do not need. You can protect your sanity and a building’s siding when you use a set of ladder mitts from Werner’s. Not only do they keep a ladder from denting or scratching siding, they also prevent the ladder’s sliding out of position.

We have all seen a cartoon or comedy skit involving a character riding a ladder to the ground as it slides down the side of a house. In real life, you could do the same thing, windmilling your arms, making scary faces and screaming as you get near the ground.

What is funny in a cartoon is not that amusing in real life. Gravity is not our friend. A colorful pair of ladder mitts adds a hint of style to an extension ladder. They can also save the day for you. Continue reading

Weatherguard Van Solutions

WernerCo Introduces New Weather Guard OEM Van Solutions

van interior

van interior

Range includes Ford Transit Connect, Ram ProMaster, Mercedes Sprinter and others.

WernerCo announces the introduction of professional trade packages for commercial van OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer), including the Ram ProMaster, the Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit Connect and others.

Designed for contractors and remodelers on the move, the Weather Guard OEM van solutions packages provide secure, durable and organized van solutions for professionals, regardless of the vehicle. The custom designed Weather Guard Van solutions are developed to fit every detail, including the contours of specialty vans, such as the Ram ProMaster. Continue reading