WernerCo. Podium Ladder – A New Design for Platform Ladders

WernerCo Podium Lladder

WernerCo Podium Ladder

WernerCo. has introduced a new platform ladder called the Podium which is ideal for working at fixed heights and is designed to provide a full range of motion while providing protection at every angle.

The Podium ladder uses the LOCKTOP™ design which organizes tools at the top of the ladder which also functions as an integrated waist-high guard rail that securely wraps around the work zone.  The ladder also features the EDGE360™ bracing system that gives protection from every angle on the over-sized platform which allows four times the work zone then a standard ladder.

Mark Peters, Director of Marketing at WernerCo. stated that  “We designed our new Podium Ladder to help prevent misuse and falls. While safety is the most important feature, we also know that comfort, mobility and access are important to our customers who have to stand on a ladder for extended periods of time. The new Podium Ladder includes an actual standing platform vs. a traditional ladder step that allows for increased reach and range of motion. The best part, it feels like the user is standing on the ground instead of on a ladder.”

The Podium ladder is also equipped with a full set of rear horizontals, full aluminum bracing and is manufactured with seven-layer fiberglass construction.  The Podium has a 300lb load capacity which includes user and materials and has a Type 1A duty rating.

Using an Aluminum Pump Jack to Increase Safety in the Workplace

Making sure that you have the right type of equipment to complete the job is an essential step in any type of workplace repair or household do-it-yourself task. This remains true, whether you are attempting to put down a new layer of paint, clean the exterior of your home, replace your carpets, or perform masonry jobs. Using tools can help ensure that your improvement project is completed in a timely and safe manner.

One of the most essential tools in completing your repair job is the aluminum pump jack. This type of tool works in a manner very similar to a car jack. You are able to use a manual lever, a toothed rod, and a ratchet mechanism. In order to use the device, you will be required to move the lever up the rod, and it will lock after each tooth. Each tool that is used on a scaffold must be advanced at the same rate. After you reach the height that you require, you will double lock the braces. This in turn will provide the type of grip that will prevent the ratchet from sliding and will help lessen the chances of your falling. Continue reading