Aluminum Pump Jacks Offer Benefits of Efficiency

pump-jackUsing aluminum pump jack scaffolding is one of the most efficient ways to do any type of work on a house. Jobs where scaffolding is essential include painting, carpentry, masonry and exterior cleaning.

Be sure to adhere to all OSHA rules for erecting pump jack scaffolding, using equipment with two positive gripping mechanisms for a secure grip. Do not try to improvise scaffold platforms. Workbenches and other items not intended for the purpose should not be used.
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Reechcraft PowerLift ML60

reechcraft powerlift ml60

reechcraft powerlift ml60

ReechCraft, Inc. is excited to introduce the newest product to their line of innovative access solutions. The 25 foot PowerLift® will give operators the ability to take their jobs to new heights.

The 20 foot working height on the Reechcraft PowerLift ML60 is known for being lightweight as well as easy to operate, transport and store, and the 25 foot lift is no different. Due to its compact size and maneuverability, the product is designed to go where other lift products can’t, like down stairs or in tight spaces. The added height makes it a perfect solution for those jobs that are just out of the 20 foot platform’s reach.

PowerLift is a great option for facility managers, maintenance professionals, contractors, builders and homeowners and has a wide variety of applications. The unique lift is built for one operator, and the only tool needed to operate the lift is a simple cordless or corded drill.

Safely Handle Construction Debris

A necessary component of a construction project is the safe disposal of debris. Different building methods and job requirements will generate varying amounts of waste that will require proper handling. One of the most important aspects of that process is ensuring trash and recyclable materials are collected safely. Continue reading