OSHA Job Site Fire Safety

job site caddyWe would like to introduce a new product for the Job Site.  OSHA job site fire safety requires that fire extinguishers be properly identified, be easy to locate and have the proper identification.  Our new product Jobsite Caddy fills all these requirements.  Jobsite Caddy is designed to support an effective fire protection and spill response program for your job site.  This all-inclusive station serves as a fire extinguisher holder, spill response solution, and a hub for job-specific emergency information.  It can be ordered base separably, base with extinguisher flag, base with extinguisher and spill station flag and spill kit.

spill kit

Surviving an OSHA inspection.

Here is a link to an article that is very informative on how to deal with and survive an OSHA inspection.  It covers the four steps of an inspection.  The opening conference, the inspection, the closing conference and the citations.  It also states the importance of having a designated employee at the job site. They state that the odds of an OHSA inspection is less that 1% is is important to have a plan.