Podium Ladder promoted by Coach Tom Izzo


WernerCo podium ladder

WernerCo podium ladder

Podium ladder from Werner.

Coach Tom Izzo who has cut down many nets at NCAA finals is helping Werner promote their new fiberglass Podium ladder.   Ideal for working at fixed heights and easier to maneuver than scaffolds or lifts. Another advantage this fiberglass podium ladder offers in non conductivity.  Fiberglass does not conduct electricity, so it is much safer to use around electrical sources than highly-conductive aluminum.  The extra-large podium platform with toe guard feels like you are standing on the ground and 4X Work Zone allows you to work facing any direction. This podium  ladder features full aluminum bracing and a full set of rear horizontals. The extended guardrail provides an extra point of contact and conveniently organizes tools and accessories. The newly designed EDGE360™ gives the bottom of the ladder protection from every angle with integrated rail shield, EDGE bracing and over-sized foot pads.

Using a platform type ladder reduces fatigue, increases productivity, and is safer than a standard step ladder.

Choosing Sturdy Step Ladders For Safer Workplaces

300 lb. rated Werner Aluminum Step Ladder

Werner Aluminum Step Ladder

Aluminum step ladders are vital tools in many different workplaces. Every day, millions rely on step ladders for routine tasks. The right ladder can make all the difference when it comes to workplace safety. Investing in quality equipment can ultimately save organizations quite a bit of money in the long run. Accidents are costly and can lower productivity and profit margins. In addition, quality equipment is important for maintaining a loyal, productive employee base.

Step ladders are among the most versatile ladders in wide usage. Though single-sided step ladders are smaller, these ladders are incredibly handy in a variety of situations. One never knows exactly who will end up using a step ladder. To account for any possibility, consider investing in units with generous maximum weight ratings. For surefire safety assurance, never purchase a ladder with less than a 300 pound maximum weight rating. Continue reading