Scaffold Wind Clips

image of Scaffold Wind ClipsWith winter season approaching us in the north, it is sometimes required that the job site needs to be enclosed and to maintain a heated work area. What many contractors will do is erect scaffolding around the job site and and wrap the structure with reinforced plastic tarps to maintain heat in the work area. To attach the tarps to the scaffold, wind clips are used. When attaching tarps to scaffold special care must be taken to insure that windy conditions with not affect the scaffold. Extra wall ties and counter weights are need to counter act the effects of wrapping the scaffold with plastic. Care must also be taken with the type of heater being used so an open flame does not come into contact with the tarp.

New Knaack 4830-D Jobsite Chest

4830-d Box

4830-D Box

Knaack has developed the first and only jobsite Knaack 4830-D with independent locking drawer.  It has many features which include:

  • * Anti-Slam Lid- Gas strut supported lid to control closing speed
  • * Raised Chest Floor- Easily reach chest bottom without over-reaching
  • * 3 Sided easy grip lid-Continuous ergonomic grip for easy access
  • * Independent Watchman IV locks- Separate locking system for chest and drawer.

Junk Trunk quick access drawer- Quickly access high demand tools.

  • Weight: 254 lbs.
  • 48″ x 30″ x 35″ closed

Knaack has hit a home run with this box.  The draw capacity is rated at 150 lbs.

Solving A Top Floor Renovation Headache

We’ve all been there, renovating an upper level floor, and being faced with the dilemma. Do we have a guy walk all the construction trash down four flights of stairs to the dumpster we rented, or toss it out the window? Well if one of my guys goes up and down stairs all day long, we lose a worker up here! On the other hand, if you are like a lot of contractors, you only have one or two guys on the job to begin with, that’s lost time for doing the job. Tossing stuff out the window could hit someone walking on the street below. Then all of your profit on this job goes into a lawsuit. Continue reading