Tractel Scafor Manual Scaffold Hoist

Tractel Scafor  Manual Scaffold Hoist

•The manual SCAFOR™ hoist, which was developed to give maximum security and ease of use at the same time, fits all Skysafe® platforms, as it can easily be fitted to any of the standard stirrups.

•As a cable hoist, it is very quick and easy to fit the cable through the hoist, and without a wire drum, the speed and the winding effort will remain constant irrespective of height.
•Working height is only limited to the length of the cable and the cable has a much longer life expectancy as it is not wound onto a drum.
•It only weights 23lbs (11 kg) including all its safety features: small size, easy maintenance and verification, integrated safety device, emergency stop red handle, centrifugal break.

••If you have any questions feel free to give us a call @ 800-776-3595.••

ModelDescripton Price Order
Tractel 015199124PK Manuel Scaffold Cable Hoist $2,395.95

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