PowerMast Systems

PowerMast Systems

•The Reechcraft PowerMast System extends the benefits of the PowerPole Tilt-Up, adding the ability to build the system from the ground up and easily pass wall ties.

•Now roof access is not required and you can set up in even less space, traveling effortlessly up and down the wall.

•If you already own swing stage platforms or other railed platforms you may be able to use them with the PowerPole Tilt-Up or PowerPole PowerMast system.

•System Details:•
Builds From The Ground Up w/ 5' Sections
Maximum Platform Length: 40'
Max Tie Spacing: 15'
Max Work Height: 200'

••If you have any questions on ReechCraft Produts, feel free to give us a call @ 800-776-3595.••

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ModelHeightCapacity Price Order
ReechCraft - PowerMast 100' Package 100' 1500 lbs. $59,000.00
ReechCraft - PowerMast 20' Package 20' 1500 lbs. $26,900.00
ReechCraft - PowerMast 40' Package 40' 1500 lbs. $38,000.00
ReechCraft - PowerMast 60' Package 60' 1500 lbs. $46,000.00
ReechCraft - PowerMast 80' Package 80' 1500 lbs. $52,000.00

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