Diesel Transfer Tanks & Electric Pumps

Diesel Transfer Tanks & Electric Pumps

•WEATHER GUARD® Fuel Transfer Tanks are designed specifically for transferring diesel fuel only, from the bed of a pickup truck to remote or heavy equipment.

•Constructed of heavy 14-gauge steel, the interior baffles prevent fuel sloshing and provide extra reinforcing, and the fill tube is reinforced with length that allows for tank expansion.

•Transfer tanks fit with most bed liners and WEATHER GUARD® Cross and Saddle Boxes, and come in several capacities to fit your usage.

•Baffle design reduces fuel movement and provides extra reinforcement.
•Lockable and vented filler cap prevents excessive pressure build-up.
•Full arc-welded construction.
•Plate steel flange for secure mounting.
•May be used in combination with WEATHER GUARD® saddle or cross truck tool boxes.
•Exterior of tanks are protected with Brite White powder coat finish.

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ModelItemDescription Price Order
Fill Rite FR152 Piston Hand Pump Includes: 8' Hose, Nozzle & Telescoping Suction Pipe $148.00
Fill Rite FR4210 Electric (12 Volt) Transfer Pump 20 GPM Includes: Pump, 12 ft. Hose & Nozzle $390.00
Weather Guard 350-3-01 White Steel Transfer Tank 50 Gal. Capacity / For Compact Pickups $638.61
Weather Guard 352-3-01 White Steel Transfer Tank 75 Gal. Capacity / For Full-Size Short-Bed Pickups $744.69
Weather Guard 354-3-01 White Steel Transfer Tank 90 Gal. Capacity / For Full-Size Pickups $808.78
Weather Guard 358-3-01 White Steel Transfer Tank 100 Gal. Capacity / For Full-Size Pickups $740.01
Weather Guard 360-3-01 White Steel Transfer Tank 110 Gal. Capacity / For Full-Size Pickups $899.56

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